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Micro Pigment

Training Program 

해외 선진국 유망 종목 창업지원교육

독일 아미아, 누보컨투어 트레이닝 프로그램


마이크로피그먼트는 유럽연합(특히 독일)과 미국에서는 약 3~6개월간의 미용교육 과정을 걸쳐 자격증을 취득하면 창업이 가능한 미용 분야로 미래 유망 직종으로 떠오르는 업종입니다.


우리는 독일의 마이크로 피그먼트 이론과 장비실습, 테크닉교육, 위생 교육은 물론 미국의 다양한 시술 사례등을 연구합니다.


또한 홈페이지, 유튜브, 인스타그램, 카카오채널등의 제작 및 운영기법은 물론 다양한사진과 동영상까지 완벽하게 제공하여 드립니다. 보다 궁금한 사항은 연락주시기 바랍니다.

Our Team.

We are a group of experts with more than 15~20 years of experience in semi-permanent makeup. We train various design techniques and customer consultation skills! 



SMP/PMU is a micro-pigmentation procedure to relieve eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, scalp, and damaged skin color by depositing fine pigments between the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Colors generally fade away after a year or three


SMP pigment

Based on German and American brand products, we will develop a dedicated pigment suitable for Asian skin color and release about 20 kinds of pigments suitable for Asia over a period of about 20 years and supply them only to the members.


SMP seminar

Every year, new equipment and pigments are being upgraded to match the new trend. We also provide various techniques and information according to the new trend.


Skin care products

We distribute and sell a variety of skin care products (duck shampoo, tonic, ampoule, etc.). We invite the members who will grow with us with the products we need after skin care and scalp care.



​ Through various seminars, we provide new design techniques as well as marketing data (photos, videos)! 

male eyebrows


Semi-permanent makeup machine

Semi-permanent makeup cartridge

scalp tattoo machine

eyebrow pigment

eye line color

lip color

​scalp pigment

Semi-permanent makeup academy


Eyebrow correction seminar

Eyeline Correction Seminar

lip correction seminar

hairline seminar

Scalp Tattoo Seminar

Color Combination Seminar

​color correction seminar

성공적인 소녀

​Startup support program

The basic theory of semi-permanent makeup

Eyebrow and eyeliner technique

Color technique

marketing basic theory

Homepage production

Youtube video production

​Customer counseling techniques

Grigo brow,eyeline,lip

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